[Baypiggies] Looking for a speaker on Thursday, May 10

Theresa Shafer tshafer at skmurphy.com
Wed Apr 4 20:47:04 EDT 2018

I am looking for a speaker on Python for the PATCA consulting group. PATCA (
patca.org) is a group of technical consultants, mostly electronics and
embedded engineers. We were interested in getting someone to talk about
Python. We have monthly meetings with 12-20 engineers. We meet on a
Thursday night in Sunnyvale. Do you know anyone who would be a good speaker
for something like "Crash Course on Python" or "Latest Trends in Python"?

Theresa Shafer  www.skmurphy.com 408-252-9676
SKMurphy, Inc. / San Jose, CA
Early Customers & Early Revenue
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