[Baypiggies] PyBay: Showcase your technologies to 500+ SF Bay Area Python devs at PyBay2018!

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Sat Apr 7 13:53:14 EDT 2018

Hi Pythonistas

Using Python or its libraries or frameworks to power the technologies at
your company? You probably already know this, but speaking about how your
team solved challenges at tech conferences is a great way to:


   elevate your company's engineering brand

   attract talent or customers

   show off your knowledge and satisfy professional development objectives

Optimize your time and exposures by speaking at PyBay, <https://pybay.com/>
the 3rd annual regional Python conference on August 16-19. Our call for
talk proposals (CFP) closes in a week <http://www.pybay.com/cfp>!

Why PyBay?


   500+ Python devs - the largest gathering of SF Bay Area Python
   developers of the year!

   ~95% attendees from SF Bay Area - want local recruits or customers?

   45+ talks, with illustrious names such as Raymond Hettinger (core Python
   dev), Simon Willison (co-creator of Django) and Yury Selivanov (core Python
   on async/await). Imagine yourself on the same roster!

   Unlimited worldwide viewers on YouTube afterward

This year, the community is particularly excited about 25 or 40-minute
talks on these themes:


   dealing with data (DS, ML, AI too)

   infrastructure, automation, and testing

   dealing with speed and performance

   hacking hardware

   the people side of engineering and community

Our conference website <https://pybay.com/speaking-at-pybay> has more info
to help you write a winning proposal, but here are some pro tips:


   Get your abstracts in <https://pybay.com/cfp> by April 10! You can go
   through your corporate approval process later if your talk is selected.

   The wider the audience your talk appeals to, the better.

   Don’t get lost in the weeds, but don’t be afraid to delve into the
   details--show some code and tell some war stories so developers have
   something tangible to learn.

   In 2017, ~50% identified as mid-level dev, 39% senior. 25% female

Bonus: if you’ve thought about delivering a talk at SF Python’s monthly
meetup (more than 150 devs attend each one), we’ll be picking the rest of
the year's meetup talks from the proposals submitted to PyBay.

Questions about your talk idea? Email our speaker team Stephan Fitzpatrick
<knowsuchagency at gmail.com>  and Jeff Fischer <jeff.pybay2018 at data-ken.org>.

Questions about PyBay, sponsoring, or other ways to get involved? I’m an
email <grace at pybay.com> or a phone call (650-823-7236) away.

Submit your talk ideas now! <https://pybay.com/cfp>
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