[Baypiggies] Few tickets left to tomorrow night's 4th Annual Holiday Party for Python Devs - hope to see you

Grace Law grace at pybay.com
Tue Dec 4 16:04:02 EST 2018

Hi Pythonistas!

Reminder: The 4th Annual Holiday Party for Python Devs is happening tomorrow
night in SF at Yelp!

*There are only a few tickets left*.  Please purchase your ticket now
<https://ti.to/sf-python/bay-area-holiday-party-2018> to join in on the
largest celebration in the Python Community. We really don't want to turn
anyone away, but we may have to if you want to chance it at the door -
there are building codes our sponsor need to adhere to.

Don't recall what this is party about?

We've amazing talks featuring respected core dev Raymond Hettinger
<https://twitter.com/raymondh> and cool projects from community members!

We've yummy food and awesome beer!

We've live music that's *flexible, inclusive, and diverse* like our
favorite language and community.  Yup, enjoy notable musicians performing
world music and some holiday tunes with a twist and groove, made especially
for us by DJ Hey Love <https://www.djheylove.com/>, Pianist/Composer Jack
Perla <http://jackperla.com/>, and Bassist/Composer Aaron Germain
<http://www.aarongermain.com/>. DJ Hey Love and Jack have recently played
for *Dreamforce* and they are adding Aaron to the already fantastic duo!

As if that's not enough, we've raffles, board games, and 250 devs that
speak your language!

Get your ticket now <https://ti.to/sf-python/bay-area-holiday-party-2018> for
a memorable night in SF! More event details in the link.

If you need help with the ticket, simply write us.

We can also benefit from some volunteers to make the party better. Please
contribute back and make your evening more meaningful. Sign-ups and next
steps here

More importantly, *invite a friend*. Show up to meet some friendly folks,
make a new friend. Let's enjoy this awesome Python community and learn a
thing or two in the meantime!

Grace Law

PyBay Conference Chair and SF Python Organizer

SF Python is a volunteer-run organization aiming to foster the Python
Community in the Bay Area. We produce ~20 educational events a year
including PyBay <http://pybay.com/>, the Regional Python Conference in SF.
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