[Baypiggies] Pandas question

Braun Brelin bbrelin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 18:29:32 EST 2018

Hello all,  I've got some data that I've loaded into a pandas dataframe via
the read_csv method.

The code looks like this:
data = pd.read_csv('examples/data/bank.csv', header=0) data = data.dropna()
print (data.shape) print (list(data.columns))

The output looks like this:

(4521, 1)


When I try to access a column by key, I get a key error.

print (data['education']) gives me a key error.

In fact, any of the data columns that I put in fails. I also ran

for key in data.keys():
print (keys)

That got me:


Anyone know why I can't access the data in the df via key?


Braun Brelin
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