[Baypiggies] Today's announcement on python-committers

Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre at deirdre.net
Fri Jul 13 00:46:31 EDT 2018

I'm sorry it came to that, but I hope all will be able to be comfortable
with the changes in time.
My first thought was, "Thirty years!"

Then I remembered I've been using Python professionally since 1998 (so
20 years), though it's not my only (or current) language.
  Deirdre Saoirse Moen
  deirdre at deirdre.net

On Thu, Jul 12, 2018, at 7:32 PM, Stephen McInerney wrote:
> Today's announcement on python-committers:


> Announcement by Guido:
> https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-committers/2018-July/005664.html> ZDNet Article:
> https://www.zdnet.com/article/python-language-founder-steps-down/> 

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