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Tue Aug 20 11:29:29 EDT 2019

In May, Wesley Chun presented a wide exploration of Google APIs with Python.

In this presentation, Dan Bikle presents a drill-down into some specific scripts which connect Python with Google services via Google APIs.

The presentation will be targeted at people new to both Python and Google APIs.

Using Python to interact with Google APIs is an effective way to learn both technologies.

Each script will serve as a stand-alone lesson.

To start, Dan will discuss each script from a general perspective.

Then Dan will operate each script inside the Python pdb debugger to give you a look at how each line contributes action to an overall goal.

Some topics we will cover are listed below:

- Ubuntu as a training and development environment.
- GCP Projects
- Accessing an Ubuntu environment from a chrome browser.
- Python installation.
- Python packages
- Installation of google-api-python-client
- pdb
- Google product categories
- Google Drive
- Google Sheets
- GCP Service Accounts
- Authentication + Authorization + JSON
- Service Account Key creation
- Google Drive + Python
- Local-File read-write with Python
- Python-Only Google Authentication
- Declare Authorizations with Python
- File upload to Google Drive
- Python manipulation of Google Drive permissions:

- Make file world-readable
- Grant write-privilege to a gmail-address
- List Sharable-URLs of files in Google Drive
- Google Sheets + Python
- Create a Sheet
- Understand "A1 Notation"
- Add rows to a Sheet

- Make Sheet world-readable
- Grant write-privilege to a gmail-address
- Sheets are complicated, So is the API.
- Let's explore the Sheets API.


Dan Bikle builds Full-Stack Machine-Learning Apps.
Dan graduated from Caltech with a BSEE.
There he learned: "The truth shall make you free."


Glen Jarvis

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