[Baypiggies] Python + Poodle [Free Training Dec22 1pm Palo Alto]

Dan Bikle bikle101 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 18:25:21 EST 2019

2019-12-22 1pm to 3pm

Palo Alto

Mitchell Park Library 2nd Floor Conference Room


We have room for 7 students.

Subject: Python + Poodle

Higher Level languages increase our leverage when we act to harness
technology to solve problems.

PDDL is a high level language to describe AI Planning Domains.

Poodle is the Python-to-PDDL compiler and automated programming framework.

At this event I work with you to setup a Poodle training environment on
your laptop.

Then, we work together to teach each other these technologies:

- Docker
- Python
- Poodle
- AI Planning

Additionally, we share the goal of building a community which gains
knowledge through e-mail and future meetings.

If you have questions, e-me: bikle101 at gmail.com

Cost is $0.00 + brain_power*2
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