[Baypiggies] Don't miss PyBay this year - save $50 or $100 on conference pass today!

Grace Law grace at pybay.com
Wed Jul 24 16:53:26 EDT 2019

Hi Pythonistas,

The much-anticipated talk and workshop schedule <https://pybay.com/schedule>
for our 4th annual Python conference in San Francisco this August 15-18 is


Dig the learning and networking opportunities? Want to invite your pals for
this amazing get-together this summer?

Get your conference pass <https://ti.to/sf-python/pybay2019> NOW to save
$50 or $100, depending on the type of ticket you buy.  Late bird passes go
on sale July 25, 2019.

Like the past PyBays and the always sold-out PyCon, there are no sales-y
pitch-talks or fluffy thought leaders. Just core Python devs, book authors,
and your amazing peers from companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter,
Microsoft, Jetbrains, Dropbox, NerdWallet, Braintree, Lucasfilms and
up-and-coming startups in various industries, sharing what they know.

More info here: https://pybay.com



Please do check them out at https://pybay.com/our-sponsors/ as their
support is essential to keeping your ticket price low.  Many of them are
hiring - see pybay.com/jobs

Please help make PyBay2019 even more memorable by inviting people you know!

Get your conference pass <https://ti.to/sf-python/pybay2019>* NOW, sign up
for additional presenting opportunities <https://pybay.com/events>**, *and see
you this August!
Grace and your dedicated volunteer crew <https://pybay.com/team>

SF Python <http://sfpython.org/> is a volunteer-run organization aiming to
foster the Python Community in the Bay Area. We produce ~20 educational
events a year including PyBay <https://pybay.com/>, the Regional Python
Conference in SF this August. Learn more <https://youtu.be/KmB6ODYAYUQ>
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