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> Greetings,
> We organise the Python Mauritius User Group (Pymug www.pymug.com) a bit.


> We recently organised this meetup:
> http://meetu.ps/e/GRNYZ/GGR12/d


> We'd like to ask the baypiggies members advices on:
> 1. How to find meetup locations?

Usually, someone in the community will convince their company to host the

> 2. Is wifi a Meetup requirement (we assume yes, but asking if you ever did
> without)

It's highly desirable, but not absolutely necessary. However, the speaker
will very frequently need a connection to make their demos work.

> 3. How do you present the usergroup to companies?

Usually, you explain that it's a great way to recruit engineers, and it
makes the company look cool in front of engineers. Typically, if a company
has a new office, they'll want to show it off.

> 4. How do you decide topics and speakers

Usually, you take what you can get. If the speaker is new, they should
stick to a shorter talk. If you know they're good, try to convince them to
give a longer talk.

If possible, have a wide mix.

> 5. Mistakes to avoid

Avoid charging for the meetup.

> 6. Further advices

Try to make it easy for people to attend:

 * Standard time if possible
 * Standard place if possible
 * Parking, if that's a thing where you live
 * Easy to find where the meeting is

Generally, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself until you
get a base of people willing to help out.

> We also saw you have a job listing on your website, that's really awesome,
> we'll introduce it soon.

Cool. That's a great way to get some people to come, especially if they're
more junior.

> Thank you very much!

Sorry it took so long for anyone to respond.
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