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This workshop has been organized by the Northern California Oracle Users group (NoCOUG), a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) organization that has been serving the Oracle Database community of Northern California for more than thirty years by organizing four conferences a year and publishing a quarterly journal. Download the complete digital archive of the NoCOUG Journal using: “wget www.nocoug.org/Journal/NoCOUG_Journal_{2001..2019}{02..12..3}.pdf”.

Quickly Build Python Apps with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Database
by Santosh Kumar Ramarathnam & Rajneesh Tiwary, Oracle

10:30 AM–1:15 PM on Thursday, November 21 at CSU East Bay Oakland Center in the Trans Pacific Centre, 1000 Broadway, Suite 109 Oakland, CA 94607

Register in the “Python Meetup Member” category at http://nocoug.org/rsvp.html using the free registration code PYTHONROCKS. Free lunch is included. You are also welcome to attend other conference presentations.

As a developer you want to do what you do best: write code. Often, developers are sidetracked setting up infrastructure and configuring networks and databases, etc., in the cloud, taking away valuable time. This does not occur in the Oracle Cloud infrastructure. With a developer-ready marketplace and the autonomous database service, you can go from zero to a fully functional Python app in one hour. This is a hands-on workshop to build a full-stack Python application. Whether you’re a developer or a DBA writing automation scripts in Python, this lab will be helpful for you. We will provision a Python app server and an autonomous transaction-processing service in Oracle Cloud, and deploy a Python app. Oracle Cloud accounts will be provided.

You will learn to:
● Set up a cloud environment
● Load and access data
● Build and test a Python REST Service
● Derive insights into customer and service provider data

Experience a day in the life of Derek McCarthy—a full-stack developer for the fictitious company Alpha Office. Derek has been hired to introduce new best practices to Alpha Office microservices developers. In this workshop you will take on Derek’s persona to build a series of three cloud-based microservices database applications. In doing so, you will leverage the latest and most advanced Oracle and open-source technologies.

As Derek, you will spin up a new Oracle Cloud Developer Image from the Oracle Marketplace to quickly and easily deploy a complete development environment that is accessible from any location. You will also deploy the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (Autonomous Transaction Processing) Cloud Service, providing the full power of the Oracle database while requiring minimal administrative effort and minimal database knowledge and training.

Additionally as Derek, you will work within the Oracle Cloud Developer Image to create Python microservices. You will utilize the best open-source technologies to complement the Python language, including the Visual Studio Code IDE, the Flask micro web framework, the Bokeh interactive visualization library, and the ReactJS Facebook JavaScript library.

Finally, as Derek you will create a pair of spatial applications. To do this you will utilize the GeoPandas extensions to Python together with Oracle Spatial functionality within the Autonomous Transaction Processing database.

Please bring your own laptop and install prerequisite software:

● Putty (https://www.ssh.com/ssh/putty/) (Windows only)
● VNC Viewer (https://www.realvnc.com/en/connect/download/viewer/)

Oracle will provide $500 cloud platform credit for no charge; credit card information is not required. Attendees can also take advantage of the following Oracle Cloud Free Tier Services that they can use for an unlimited time:

● Two Oracle autonomous databases with powerful tools like Oracle Application Express (APEX) and Oracle SQL Developer
● Two Oracle cloud infrastructure compute VMs; block, object, and archive storage; load balancer and data egress; monitoring and notifications

Register in the “Python Meetup Member” category at http://nocoug.org/rsvp.html using the free registration code PYTHONROCKS. Free lunch is included. You are also welcome to attend other conference presentations.
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