[Baypiggies] Python in SSF - where biotech and computer science meet

Paul Karayan paulkarayan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 19:39:25 EST 2019

A couple of us that are interested in where Life Science &  Computer
Science meet have started a meetup group close to South San Francisco
(which is biotech central in the Bay Area).  It's called "South San
Francisco Software Syndicate".


You're probably aware that there's a ton of interest in the scientific
community about Python. Things are really starting to cook here, and it's a
great opportunity to present topics you're passionate about to a range of
interested programmers. There are lots of beginners (many of whom are
interested in tutoring/classes), but also some pretty incredible
high-performance computing types.

We'd love your participation and feedback. Please add yourself to the group
and let me know if you'd like to chat. We plan to start our programming in
earnest in Jan 2020.

paulkarayan at gmail.com
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