[Baypiggies] North Bay Python 2019 tickets and hotel rooms are now on sale!

Christopher Neugebauer chrisjrn at chrisjrn.com
Wed Sep 4 12:12:36 EDT 2019

Hello Pythonistas!

It’s finally the time you’ve been waiting for: *Tickets for North Bay
Python 2019 are on sale!*

*You can buy your ticket at https://northbaypython.org/attend

*Discounts are available for our first 50 tickets sold, or until the end of
next week. You can collect your ticket from $25 for unaffiliated
individuals, or $180 for professionals.*

After our Early Bird discounts are sold out, tickets will start at $50.

We’re also ready to announce details of our reserved hotel block at the
Hotel Petaluma. Rooms start at $135+tax, and reservations need to be made
before October 2nd. You can book rooms at

If you need childcare during the conference, you can indicate that when
you're buying your ticket. Childcare will be free for anyone who needs it.

You’ll hear details of our very exciting lineup of invited speakers, and
our program in the coming weeks. We’re sure that tickets will start flying
out the door, so you really should get in early.

See you in Petaluma in November?

--Chris and the North Bay Python 2019 team

--Christopher Neugebauer

Jabber: chrisjrn at gmail.com -- IRC: chrisjrn on irc.freenode.net -- WWW:
http://chrisjrn.com -- Twitter: @chrisjrn
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