[Baypiggies] PyBay reinvented... talk list, hallway track, and how to attend at no cost

Grace Law grace at pybay.com
Sat Aug 1 21:39:32 EDT 2020

Hi Bay Piggies,

What are you doing two weekends from now on August 15-16? Want to use PyBay
as an excuse to stay relevant with Python and connect with folks you
haven't talked to in a while?

With physical distancing not going away anytime soon, we've decided that
it's more important than ever to have a way for Pythonistas to connect,
help, and support each other. We certainly don’t need another online
conference to just watch videos. And if all goes as planned, it will help
lessen the isolation blues.

So with that goal in mind, we’ve reinvented the entire PyBay conference
this year.

*Aside from an amazing talk list <https://pybay.com/program> that
includes  Rachel Thomas
AI ethics, Lynn Root
Advanced Asyncio, Siddha Ganju
Deep Learning Performance, Raymond Hettinger

We’ve also found a virtual platform that facilitates personal connection
and enables the hallway track you like and expect at an in-person event.

Here is a rough mock-up of one of the spaces you'll be in, including a full
bar. In the final conference floor plan, there will also be a *party boat *so
you can catch up with folks and make new friends between talks and fireside
chats 😘

That's right, you can have a *video chat reunion *with your colleagues and
classmates at your table. Or you can *ditch the talks* and head to the
Party Boat -- the Royal Coding Cruiser ;-) -- to catch up!

When you feel like it, *catch another talk or fireside chat*. Or hang out
at the Expo Hall to get some swag from sponsors, check out their live
demos, or talk to them about job opportunities.

Perhaps the conversations will inspire you to head to the Hallway Chat /
Open Space room to *lead a discussion and share what you know*, give a talk
or grab a table and sprint on a project together. You can share your screen
and even whiteboard at these tables.

*Pretty cool? *

We hope you'll use PyBay as an opportunity to learn, share, and more
importantly, connect with people and decrease the social distance we're
experiencing globally!
Register now
To help you reconnect with colleagues or classmates, when you register,
you'll get a referral code for your friends to save $5, and for every
person who redeems your code, you'll make $5.
 *If you refer enough people, you could end up paying nothing this year*.*

And if you’re Black, Latino or female, your ticket is on us!  🎉😘
Register now

Can't make it on August 15-16 (Saturday and Sunday) but want to make a
donation to support our cause? Your donation will cover our virtual
platform, AV, unrecoverable expenses to onsite vendors before covid, and

Donate here

Regardless, use PyBay as an excuse to say hello to someone you've been
meaning to touch base with, shorten the distance and hope to see you soon!


*Your PyBay conference chair*

P.S. If you’re leading a meetup group and want to promote PyBay to your
group, send me your logo and a referral URL. I’ll send you some verbiage.

*The maximum referral credit is the value of your ticket and the referral
discount doesn’t apply to student tickets.

Grace Law

PyBay Conference Chair and SF Python Organizer

415-323-0388 / grace at pybay.com

SF Python <https://sfpythonmeetup.com> is a volunteer-run organization
aiming to foster the Python Community in the Bay Area. Join us at our
flagship event PyBay <http://pybay.com/> August 15-16, experience an online
conference that's educational, inspiring, and SOCIAL!

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