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I will be teaching a course called “Python: Object-Oriented Programming” at University of California Santa Cruz - Extension Silicon Valley (in Santa Clara.)  This is an intermediate course that is designed for people who have a basic understanding of the Python language, and want to go on to the next level of programming.  It assumes that you have taken an introductory course at UCSC-Extension or elsewhere (or have learned Python on your own), and can write small to medium sized programs in Python.

The focus of the course is on getting a solid understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP).  The approach is to use simple computer games, which we will build using the Pygame package.  I will explain how graphical user interface elements (GUI) like buttons, text input/output boxes, radio buttons, etc. are built using OOP, and how they work in an "event-driven" program.  We'll go into detail about the three main tenets of OOP: encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.  While my approach is to use games, the techniques being taught are applicable to almost all fields of software.

The course starts Tuesday Jan 21, and will meet on eight Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 9:30.  The course will be very hands-on, with lots of sample programs.  

Sign ups are open to the general public and there is still time to register.  The course fee is $750.   UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley is accredited by various bodies through the University of California, Santa Cruz, and many employers will reimburse the cost of the course.  

More details and sign ups are available at:  

   https://www.ucsc-extension.edu/courses/python-object-oriented-programming/ <http://course.ucsc-extension.edu/modules/shop/index.html?action=section&OfferingID=3576274&SectionID=5277738>

If you have any questions, free to contact me directly at I <mailto:Irv at furrypants.com>Kalb at ucsc.edu <mailto:Kalb at ucsc.edu> 

Feel free to forward this listing on to anyone that you think might be interested.

Irv Kalb

PS:  UCSC-Extension now offers a "Specialization in Python" Award which consists of three courses:

    Python Programming for Beginners
    Python: Object-Oriented Programming (this course)
    Python for Programmers (Ravi's course)

Details can be found here:  https://www.ucsc-extension.edu/awards/specialization-in-python/
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