[Baypiggies] "Python For Programmers" online course starts Tuesday at UCSC-Extension, Silicon Valley

Marilyn Davis mdavis2 at ucsc.edu
Thu Nov 4 15:49:36 EDT 2021

"Python For Programmers" online course starts Tuesday at UCSC-Extension,
Silicon Valley

A new version of our online "Python For Programmers" course, opens Tuesday,
November 9.


You have access to videos, other online materials, and the instructor until
Feb 8, 2022.

I'm excited about this particular course because we will use our new,
up-to-date videos, complete with moving diagrams for the difficult

For this course, it is best to have some programming experience in any
language.  However, online we have a lot of time to work through the
material.  I have a reputation for answering all questions quickly and
patiently because I like to help.


Coming in January:

Python For Data Analysis - Via Live Zoom

10 Thursdays 6:30 - 9:30 PM PDT.


With the miracle tools: Python, Pandas, and Jupyter notebooks, we go from
zero to analyzing data in this short class.  It is helpful, but not
required to know a programming language, and a little about statistics.


All courses are hands-on with short lectures, and lots of relevant
exercises, and, we study the solutions after some lab time.

Questions are always welcome.

Please come, and send students!

Marilyn Davis, Ph.D.
Python Instructor
UCSC-Extension, Silicon Valley
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