[PyBel] ASBL/VZW creation?

Didrik Pinte dpinte at enthought.com
Wed Aug 10 06:05:38 EDT 2016

On 5 August 2016 at 15:30, Stephane Wirtel <stephane at wirtel.be> wrote:

> We first need to setup an asbl/vzw/VoG.
>> This will help if we organise pyconbe or/and europython (and also for
>> pythonfosdem)
> Setup an asbl/vzw/VoG is a requirement if you want to receive some
> sponsors.

I think it is really needed. I would be very happy to donate to support
various things but that will have to go through my company, which will also
require a legal entity to donate to.

> but I am totally agree with you. without that, we are not a legal entity
> and we can't organise the PyCon.BE or EuroPython in Belgium for 2019/2020.

If we want to go this way, I can ask a lawyer to draft the articles of
association. There will be some specific criteria to be filled in, in
particular if there is a will to organize larger events in the future.

I suggest people interested in investing some time in the ASBL/VZW contact
me directly. We will organise a meeting shortly and discuss the various
details. How does that sound?

-- Didrik

For reference, here is a good link in English:
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