[PyBel] ASBL/VZW creation?

Stephane Wirtel stephane at wirtel.be
Thu Aug 11 17:05:58 EDT 2016

On 08/11, Hugo Herter wrote:
>Hi all,
>I am also interested in joining the new Python BE project. Given the
>traffic of this ML, I think it makes more sense to discuss the subject here
>than in private/direct messages.
>I believe that the Python community in Belgium is not at its best and that
>it could achieve great things with a little bit of help. We are indeed far
>away from the capability to brew our own EuroPython, but I have a
Do you want to conquer the world ? ;-)

>- 1. Workshops <https://www.meetup.com/OpenTechSchool-Brussels/> on a
>regular basis to get more people involved
You can be in charge of the chapter for Brussels with Fabien and Ludovic
>- 2. Drinks (because Ludo's Afpyros were great at the time), ideally in
>alternance with the workshops
or just after the workshops.

>- 3. Talks every few months
>- 4. PyCon.be in addition to Python-FOSDEM, either in conjunction or ~6
>months apart
+1, +1, +1
>- 5. EuroPython, EarthPython, and MilkywayPython
EuroPython ;-)

In fact, you know, we have already discussed about these points ;-) and 
it's my vision.

But I think we have an other issue, we don't want to create a group of a 
city, but of a country and in this case, we have to organise some events 
in each big city, 

For example, for the talks, workshops: We need to organise the events in 
these cities: Brussels, Charleroi, Antwerpen, Hasselt, Arlon, Namur, 
Liege, Mons, etc... because without that, we can't reach everybody.

For example, from Charleroi, I can go to Mons, Namur, Brussels and why 
not to Liege, but Antwerpen is really far away from Charleroi. In 
function of the targeted city and the hour of the meetup, I can try to 
take my car and travel to the location of the conference/talks, but 
maybe it's not the case of each of us.



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