[PyBel] Python meeting during FOSDEM

Nilo Menezes pythonnilo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 08:10:15 EDT 2017

Hello Pythonistas,

As we won't have a meeting room in FOSDEM.
Is it possible to have a meeting during FOSDEM?
A room nearby?
It would be nice to talk about Python on Saturday or Sunday evening.
I don't know Brussels very well, so I can't help finding the place.

If you find the place, I can bring 100€ in beers/snacks to help the 
meeting effort.

Best Regards,

Nilo Menezes

Nilo Menezes (@lskbr)
Livro: http://python.nilo.pro.br/
Libro: https://www.librodepython.com

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