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Kiran Kishore kiran at fossee.in
Wed Oct 7 07:55:08 CEST 2015

Hello Ewa,

Thank you for the clarification and for the quick response. We will look
forward for the 2016 launch, if there may be one.

Meanwhile, I think I will go ahead with giving details according to this:

Hope this will be a good place to start.
Good day.

Kiran Kishore.
Project Manager,
FOSSEE <http://fossee.in>*,* IIT Bombay <http://iitb.ac.in>,
[image: ☎]

On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 7:44 PM, Ewa Jodlowska <ewa at python.org> wrote:

> Hi Kiran,
> That is an outdated link and the link for gathering 2016 data has not been
> launched. The bundle was not launched for 2015 due to administrative issues.
> I am cc'ing in the "Python Conference Sponsorship Packages" work group and
> if/when they launch a new link, they will share it with you for SciPy India.
> Best regards,
> Ewa
> Director of Operations
> Python Software Foundation
> Cell: 415-319-5237
> On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 4:36 AM, Kiran Kishore <kiran at fossee.in> wrote:
>> Dear Ewa,
>> Good morning. I would like to introduce myself as Kiran Kishore, a
>> project manager of the FOSSEE team at IIT Bombay. As you might already
>> know, the FOSSEE project is headed by Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran. We are the
>> organizers of the SciPy India Conference since 2009.
>> Coming to the reason for my email, could you please let me know if I can
>> use this form here: http://goo.gl/forms/BYqmRK1Egq. I got this link in
>> an email from you to python at fossee.in, last year with the subject: *Python
>> Conference Sponsorship Packages - SciPy India*.
>> Can I use the same form for SciPy India 2015 (http://scipy.in/2015),
>> that we will be conducting soon in December? I am asking this mainly
>> because the form says 'Deadline to apply is December 1, 2014'.
>> Regards,
>> Kiran Kishore.
>> Project Manager,
>> FOSSEE <http://fossee.in>*,* IIT Bombay <http://iitb.ac.in>,
>> ☎ *022-2576-4133.*
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