[capi-sig] is deinitialisation of embedded python equal to full restart?

Alexey Nezhdanov snakeru at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 21:09:29 CEST 2007

Sorry if posting to wrong maillist, I have read full list and decided that 
this one is the most appropriate.

I have a quick question: am I able to do multiple 
initialisations/deinitialisations of embedded python interpreter?
I mean - I'd like to init python, run a script in it for some time (say, 
couple of hours) and then just deinitialise python so everything, including 
the python program that didn't expected such brutal end to be freed and 
deinitialised. Then, after some more time, call Py_Initialize() again and 
again load and start using my python program.

The most essential for me is freeing all sorts of RAM that python allocated 
for objects or whatever else.
IOW - I want python to be returned in virgin state as it was on my program 
load w/o exiting my program and closing all files/tcp connections that it 
have opened/or resetting any of other my C data structures that were created.

Is that possible?

Alexey Nezhdanov

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