[capi-sig] Extension module with meschach library and numpy.i (SWIG)

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On 2008-08-06 21:17, Juan David Hernandez wrote:
> There are 3 things that I'd like to know:
> 1. Is this the correct way to include the meschach library ? extra_objects=['../mesch12b/meschach.a'] 
> 2. Is there any problem if Meschach use malloc, calloc and realloc?
> 3. Is there any problem if I declare some variables as static? e.g. static MAT *M1;

Hard to say... could you explain what "Meschach" is and does ?

Meschach is a C-language library of routines for performing matrix

> I'm running this on a virtual machine over ubuntu with 512MB of RAM, I know that's not too much, but I think is enough for a module (My module is not bigger than numpy!!). I can import my module on MAC OS X with more RAM (even on linux with 1GB) but when I tried to import the module with the complete sotware (others high level tools like graphics and GUI) I get the same problem

The error message you are getting is generated by the dynamic linker
and doesn't really have anything to do with Python.

You'll likely need more RAM to your app (Linux overcommits RAM and
then fails with errors such as the above if it tries to actually use
the allocated RAM).

That was something that I thought at the beginning, but my boss changed the limit stacksize, typing this "limit stacksize newvalue" and It run, but this is just a temporal solution. I think there is something wrong on the quantity of memory that apparently the module needs. But that's not true because when the module is imported and use its methods it uses more memory and there's not problem,

Any idea?

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