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*Storesonline, Ecommerce and Advertising*

Did you know the same rules that apply for print, audio and video
advertising are also true for Internet advertising?

In the United States the Federal Trade Commission is charged with the
enforcement of ?truth in advertising? standards ? even on the web.

Interestingly, it is the web designer or advertising agency that must
validate the claims of the business. Essentially the manufacturers claims
must be validated if advertising is going to be distributed that will make a
claim. Since the ad agency or the web designer may be held partially liable
for the advertising on a site it is always in their best interest to make
sure the claims of the manufacturer can be validated.

Because certain product descriptions are lengthy and certain claims have
conditions the use of disclaimers (or fine print) may be required to ensure
you are following Internet advertising laws.

The FTC does allow autoresponder emails to ?fill in the blanks? on Internet
advertising in some cases. If a potential customer signs up for more
information then a full-disclosure of the products claims, contest
conditions or other disclaimers may be sent to the prospect as a condition
of full disclosure.

It is safe to say that many online businesses either are unaware of these
rules or simply believe they will never be caught, but the FTC does look
into fraudulent advertising ? even on the web.

Understanding the rules of advertising will not only help you avoid problems
later, it can actually help you devise a credible, well established
advertising campaign now.

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