[capi-sig] Help me with Glade and Python

zabeeh khan zabeehkhan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 03:47:16 CET 2008

Hello everyone,
I have created the Graphical structure of my software with Glade and now
want a little help from you. I use Windowx XP and have installed everything
correctly and the newest versions..Python, PyGTK, Glade, all...

I have attached the screenshot of the Glade project.. you can see it or you
can see it here: www.pakhtosoft.com\gladeproject.JPG

I have created two windows named mainWindow and aboutdialog and I want that
when the About Names button is clicked from the mainWindow's toolbar it
should load the aboutdialog and when the button Home Page is clicked from
the mainWindow's toolbar it should also open the aboutdialog. Can you write
this python script for me please??

I have named the click Handler for about button "on_aboutbtnclick" and for
the homepage button I have named it "on_homepage_clicked". You can see the
first one in the image too. Please anyone help me, please??

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