[capi-sig] Python2.6 and PyImport_ImportModule

anti00Zero anti00Zero at gmx.de
Sat Oct 18 10:03:32 CEST 2008

I'm sorry.
Here are some facts:

Winodws XP SP3 with newest updates
Visual Studio 2005
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
I downloaded Python 2.6 installer for Windows from python.org
I use Python with boost 1.36 for Python (could this be a problem?)

I want to use Python 2.6 because it was (i think so) built with VS2005. 
So I haven't to use msvcr71.dll.
On monday I can send a stack trace and a screenshot of this crash a with 

Jack Jansen wrote:
> This could be one of thousands of things. If it works with 2.5 and no 
> more with 2.6 some possible candidates are (1) a bug in Python, (2) a 
> difference in memory layout which caused buggy code to work correct in 
> 2.5 nonetheless or (3) a timing difference, with the same effect.
> Oh yes, if you're on Windows and using the prebuilt dll it could also 
> be caused by runtime library differences, I think 2.5 was built with 
> VS2003 and 2.6 with VS2005.
> You'll need to provide a bit more detail if you want more help (OS and 
> version, how you built Python and your app, is your code in an 
> extension module or embedding Python, how does it crash, did you get a 
> stack trace, etc)
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