[capi-sig] Compiling for multiple versions of libpython2

Patrick Moore paddy at earth.li
Fri Jan 16 12:00:10 CET 2009

Hi all,

Currently we have a python/c hybrid which works well and compiles against
2.3 and up nicely, and runs sensibly against all of these, however we still
need to compile directly against the correct python library before

The question is,  do any of you know a sensible way of compiling and
opening the python libraries such that, so long as the end user has at
least python2.3 libs (and compatible apis), that it will automagically just
run.   This is primarily to avoid end users having multiple versions
of python on there systems, and to aid us with only having to build and
test one exectuable.

All suggestions greatly welcomed as we're struggling to find an elegant
solution to this.



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