[capi-sig] (no subject)

Stefan Behnel python_capi at behnel.de
Wed Feb 24 12:40:01 CET 2010

Goudar, Girish, 24.02.2010 11:13:
> I want to pass a structure (which contains int, float, char etc) from a
> client program written in Python to a server program written in C
> (Operating system is DEOS). But the "socket.send" command in Python
> supports only String or Readonly buffer. I want to pass a structure.
> Could you please help me on this?  

This has nothing to do with the Python C-API (so this is the wrong list to
ask this on). What you have to do is figure out the structure of the data
stream that the server requires, and then send your data in that structure.


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