[capi-sig] ANN: expy 0.6.6 released!

Yingjie Lan lanyjie at yahoo.com
Mon May 3 03:40:30 CEST 2010

> Subject: ANN: expy 0.6.6 released!
> To: "python list" <python-list at python.org>
> Cc: "CAPI Python" <capi-sig at python.org>
> Date: Monday, May 3, 2010, 3:24 AM
> EXPY is an express way to extend Python!
> EXPY provides a way to extend python in an elegant way. For
> more information and a tutorial, see: http://expy.sourceforge.net/

I'm using expy in a serious project to wrap an old project written in C and deliver it up via www with django. That is why expy is getting improved quickly these days. So far, both the project and expy are making good progress hand in hand.




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