[capi-sig] exceptions, the right way

Lee l_armeanu at yahoo.co.nz
Fri Nov 18 23:05:01 CET 2011


> Maybe you are compiling noddy2 with a
> compiler incompatible to the one used for building Python?

Thanks  Hrvoje for the hint! Actually I was linking against the python26.lib, changed to libpython26.a
and it is working. For these tests I was using Dev-C++, the ultimate goal would be to use assembler.
But for the moment, no joy with the assembler (even using libpython26.a), it seems that PyExc_TypeError 

and alike are the only culprits, the rest is OK.

(Stefan: Cython looks impressive, I will look at it, if this path I took doesn't work, thanks for the suggestion).


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