[capi-sig] Fw: 32 bit to 64 bit migration of C-API(Python)

abhishek goswami zeal_goswami at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 07:35:51 CET 2013


I am working in Python-C ApI (Integrated Project). The Project has migrated to 64 bit machine from 32 bit machine. Every thing was working fine in 32 bit machine.
But we getting following error in 64 bit machine.
" Python int too large to convert to C long".

When I start debug the code and found that we are using long variable which has size of 8 bit in C code. If I  replace long to int32_t variable in C and all long value
become garbage and I got index out of error from Python.The reason to become garbage value of long(after int conversion),we are using lot of Place Python api
which give the long result and we use in further process like ( write/reading file).I have tried to replace with int but it did not work. I am not sure really this is only
reason but it may be one of the reason to get the above error.I have also done google search but not able to get exact reason.
After spending 3 days,I am not able to figure out the solution of this issue. Does anyone provide some insight.
we are using Python 2.7.2 and Gcc : 4.7.0
Please let me know if I need to provide more info. Your earlier response will help us lot as we need to fix this issue as soon as possible.( it is kind of blockage for us)
Abhishek Goswami
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