[capi-sig] Call for speakers for the first PyCon Belarus. Capi-Sig

Alina Dolgikh alina at dev.by
Fri Dec 12 14:00:05 CET 2014

Hello, dear community!

I represent Belarusian Python community. We have regular monthly meet-ups
for 70-100 persons and we are going to develop further.

We are planning to make the first Belarusian PyCon on the 31st of January
and looking for speakers.

We will be glad to meet at our event speakers, which are experienced in
public talks (links for videos of public talks or for the other conferences
web-pages are preferable) and can speak at
    - highload in Python
    - functional style Python
    - best practices on popular tools and libraries using
    - data analysis
    - CI, pypy, C-extensions, python performance
    - Python in mobile OS (Tizen for example)
    - etc.

Organising team is ready to cover the costs for the road and accommodation
for interested speakers.

Thanks in advance and, please, send your responses or recommendations to
*alina at dev.by <http://dev.by>*

Alina Dolgikh,

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