[Catalog-sig] Python Siphon name change please?

Dan Parisien dan@eevolved.com
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 23:44:05 -0500

On Tuesday 20 February 2001 22:00, you wrote:
> Sorry for the introsion.  I just found out that there's a thing called
> Python-Siphon being discussed on the distutils-sig (to which I'm not
> subscribed), which is CPAN functionality.  I believe that falls under
> the Catalog SIG's charter too (to which I *am* subscribed, I believe
> -- but it's been dead since last November), so I'mm ccing there.

> I love the concept.  But please don't use that name.  I searched
> Google for "python siphon" and found out it is a technical term for
> something used to siphon water into or out of aquariums (?).  That's
> cute, but makes it hard to find through web searches, and that's not
> what we want for a CPAN thingie! :-)

hehe :)

I think that search engines would readjust themselves if Python-Siphon was 
the chosen name because of the amounts of links that would be created within 
the context of this project. Still, I am curious as to why that name was 
chosen; maybe a better one could be found...