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  I'm now subscribed to both the distutils and catalog sig mailing=20
lists so I should be more accessible from now.  This is just to catch
up with some questions that came up on the list previously.
  To answer Guido's question about why I didn't go to catalog-sig first,
I checked the archives in January for the list and noticed that there
wasn't any activity since approximately November.  I assumed that the list
had become inactive due to this and some of the discussions on clp.
  In regards to the name, I initially was thinking of something like
CPyAN but finally decided on siphon since the name is suugested how I
would have pronounced CPyAN and the definition of siphon was thematically
related to what the project would do.  Instead of aquariums, I was thinking
more of the situation where motorists would siphon gas from one car to anot=
help someone who had run out of gasoline.  However, I would have no=20
problem changing the spelling of the project's name to something like
cipyan or something similar if that would help people find it more easily.
  Finally, I placed an early implementation on sourceforge but I'm not real=
happy with it currently since I didn't have time to properly document it or
explain the design and implementation.  Also there is a lot of missing=20
functionality and stubs.  I hope to remedy this and having a better release
done by Wednesday. =20


Suchandra S. Thapa=20


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