[Catalog-sig] [ANN] new release of ciphon/distutils requests

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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 14:42:12 -0600

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  I've done a little more work on ciphon, it now sort of reads installed
packages and is able to resolve dependencies in a limited fashion.  It's
available on sourceforge as siphon, but I'll change the project name fairly
soon. =20
  One thing I noticed while working on ciphon is that distutils doesn't
seem to have a place to get information about packages currently installed.
Is there any work being done on distutils to store information on installed=
modules like version, name,  or files the module ha installed.  The first=
two pieces of information would be extremely useful in resolving dependenci=
I can do without information on the module's files but that would prevent=
a way to automatically remove installed modules.


Suchandra S. Thapa=20


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