[Catalog-sig] RE: [Distutils] RFC: PEP 243: Module Repository Upload Mechanism

Sean Reifschneider jafo@tummy.com
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 03:19:45 -0700

On Tue, Mar 20, 2001 at 09:25:00AM -0000, Moore, Paul wrote:
>This probably needs to include the Python version for which a binary
>distribution was compiled.

Good idea.

>Why GPG? Is that available on all platforms? Could PGP signatures be used

Because GPG is available on the server that will be accepting these
connections.  My understanding is that GPG can read some PGP encondings
(more now that RSA has fallen out of patent), so I've changed this to
read "GPG-compatible signature".

You will note that it said *OPTIONAL* there...

>I'd suggest this format be spelled out. I don't have Linux or Netscape, so I
>can't determine what the submitted page should look like from this

I'll see if I can find the RFC which specifies this.  It seems like 2388
may be the one, but 1867 seems to look promising also.

>dos? beos? mac? This feels very Unix-specific...

I'd be willing to bet that it covers a larger percentage of non-unix
platforms than it does the unix platforms.  I've added the ones listed

>>     Version is the official version string specified by the vendor for
>>     the particular release.  For example, "nt" (Windows), "9.04"
>>     (HP-UX), "7.0" (RedHat, Mandrake).
>That's not likely to be precise enough. Is Windows 2000 "2000" or "nt"? It's

Seems pretty precise to me.  Windows 2000 is "2000", NT is "nt", 95 is
"95"...  Distutils can't make a judgement about wether a package is likely
to work on other similar platforms.  Only somone who knows the system
intimately can really determine if it's likely to break on other similar
platforms.  If they are really that close together, then the catalog client
can decide that if it doesn't find a 2k package it should check to see if
there are any NT packages available...

The thing I wondered was wether it was important to differentiate Windows
by the build number, but I think splitting it out by the vendor version is
good enough.

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