[Catalog-sig] Need help on python´s glob module

Marcus Konermann m_konermann@gmx.de
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 17:06:34 +0200

Hallo !

i´m programming a project in my graduation with python an need help on
python´s glob module. I don´t know the search routine, in which python
searches through different files.
For example: I let python search through the actuall directory with the
command *.out (which specifies all files ending of  ".out"). There are
three files in the actuall directory named: ist.out, soll.out and
First, python takes the "rc.out" file, then the "ist.out" file and at
last the "soll.out" file. So, it seems not to be an alphabetical order,
in which python searches through this files.
Please, can you tell me the search routine for python´s glob module ?

Thanks a lot
Marcus Konermann