[Catalog-sig] ANNOUNCE: Distutils upload patch (PEP243)

Sean Reifschneider jafo@tummy.com
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 01:35:58 -0700

I've got the server and client side of my PEP243 implementation (for
uploading distributions made by distutils to the repository server) built.
I've also created the code for distutils (2.1b2) to do the upload.  For

   guin:python-netstring$ ./setup.py sdist --submit
   gzip -f9 dist/python-netstring-1.14.tar
   removing 'python-netstring-1.14' (and everything under it)
   Submitting to repository server...
       sending dist/python-netstring-1.14.tar.gz...

Currently, I have the repository server set up on our "public service"
server "community.tummy.com".

The files you will need are:


See the README below for information on how to apply it.

The server for handling the requests is also available at the above site,
you'll need a few support modules as well (like the tar module for
extraction of the PKG-INFO file).

I need to update the repository server and client for PEP241, but that
should be pretty straight-forward.  Also, if anyone else wants to get
copies of the data sent to my repository, I can certainly arrange that...

Any comments?

swalow + Distutils README
Sean Reifschneider <jafo-swalow@tummy.com>

The file "distutils-swalow.patch" contains a patch against the 2.1b2
distutils which allows "setup.py sdist --submit" to upload the completed
distribution file to the repository server.  This will allow automatic or
semi-automatic submissions of modules.

To gain this functionality, apply the above patch, and copy "swalowsupp.py"
into the main distutils package directory.

If the environment variable "PYTHON_MODULE_SERVER" is set, that value
overrides the default host for uploading the distribution to.
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