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Suchandra Thapa s-thapa-11@alumni.uchicago.edu
Sat, 1 Sep 2001 09:49:17 -0500

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On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 09:47:53AM -0700, Andy McKay wrote:
> Just wondering what the status of the catalog-sig, whats the plan for mov=
> forward, and what can I do to help?
> Looking at the status it looks like we had two prototypes one in Zope (li=
> not working) and another that I havent looked at installing yet. But after
> that activity seems to have stopped...

    I have some code that has limited functionality.  Currently it
has a text interface, has a basic system for specifying package and server
information, can deal with dependencies, and there is currently some ftp
code but I haven't tested that yet.  I've been meaning to work on it but=20
have gotten busy earlier.   I need to add more documentation and change some
of the code around to make it easier to understand.  I'm in the midst of mo=
but I should get some time to put some work on it later, and should be able=
post an alpha version here on Tuesday, possibly earlier. =20
    The biggest problem I came across when writing the code was a lack of a=
catalog for locating information about installed packages.  Without that it=
becomes very difficult to handle dependencies in more than a rudimentary=20
fashion.  I know this was discussed on the distutils sig but I'm not sure w=
the current status on this is. Also a listing of files in a package would be
important if we want to let users delete packages but is not necessarily (C=
current seems to do okay without a delete function).
    The other area we problem need to consider is package maintenance on sy=
that have a package manager.  I believe distutils allows you to generate rp=
from a package so it should be too difficult to integrate this with rpm bas=
distributions.  I don't think other package formats like debian or slackware
are support by  distutils so it would be more difficult to integrate into t=
systems. =20
    Also I'm not sure how well windows could be supported.  Pure python=20
packages shouldn't be a problem but packages that have c or c++ files to be
compiled would probably need to be distributed as a binary since gcc, vc++,=
and/or swig probably won't be available.  How does disutils work on windows?


Suchandra S. Thapa=20


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