[Catalog-sig] metadata

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Mon, 3 Sep 2001 10:29:07 -0700

> I spent some time looking at the metadata of some
> other packaging systems namely Debian's apt, ACS's
> apm, and the OSD format.

Yep, we use the OSD format quite well in the perl and python packager

> there is also an assumption within the pep241 and 243
> i'd like to address. namely that the author of a
> package will be the person to upload a package. at
> least initially this is likely to be unlikely,
> especially during an initial rush to fill up the
> repository via some semi-automated extraction from the
> vaults.

You're absolutely right, this was an issue we had with our catalog.

> something else i was considering is a some type of
> global unique identifier to allow for replication of
> information to different repositories. i was thinking
> of something along the lines of a new uri protocol
> that identified a package on the basis of its
> classification with the catalog... i'm a little fuzzy
> on this.

You probably dont want to make it unique on the classification since that
may change. CPAN uses
authors, which isn't too bad but we will be a little less strict on that.
Wouldn't the combination
of package name and version be good enough and reasonably permanent?

  Andy McKay.