[Catalog-sig] top level package naming conventions etc

Daniel 'eikeon' Krech eikeon@eikeon.com
02 Jun 2002 21:58:55 -0400

[Not sure this is exactly on topic for this list, but seemed to be the
most appropriate list when I was scanning the list of python mailing

I have a few question regarding top level python package names. What
are the conventions one should follow when naming a top level package
to prevent clashes? Can several different releases install into the
same top level package? If so, does it complicate some of the distutil
or anything else? 

With so many questions it is hard for me to know which ones I really
want to ask and so I will also give some background:

We have had a number of people request interest in just the RDF part
of Redfoot. For this reason and also to expedite another stable
release of the RDF part... we have decided to split Redfoot into two
releases (we are currently fairly early in a development branch of the
full release).

Not sure if we should be considering rdf for a top level package name
for our rdf release? Also, not sure if rf or rflib is a viable
alternative to redfootlib... which we are currently using since
redfoot clashed with our redfoot.py script.

--eikeon, http://eikeon.com/