[Catalog-sig] PKG-INFO exports?

Kevin Turner acapnotic@twistedmatrix.com
16 Apr 2003 19:46:03 -0700

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On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 18:06, Richard Jones wrote:=20
> I'd prefer to go with raw_display. Or rather, display_pkginfo. That seems=
> fit in better with the general feel of the code.

Ok, action display_pkginfo is checked in but untested.  (There's some
issue with my testbed pypi installation, I can't seem to get it to
register new users.  I hit the link given in the e-mail, and it just
keeps asking me to authenticate, never succeeding.)

> As you will have noticed by looking in the webui code, it's grown somewha=
> haphazardly :) In hindsight, I should have made use of some web framework=
> but when I started I had such a small requirement of the web interface I=20
> didn't feel it was necessary. Ho hum :)

I did indeed notice that.  Well, for the time being it's still
navigable, so yes, "ho hum" it is.


 - Kevin

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