[Catalog-sig] PyPI optimization?

Gerhard Häring gh@ghaering.de
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 02:53:13 +0200

Hi folks,

I just registered two project at PyPI and it was horribly slow for me.

I also noticed it uses PySQLite :-) But only because I got a traceback 
from a locked database file approx. one out of three requests.

If you need any help in optimizing the SQLite access and/or converting 
the system to a real multiuser database like PostgreSQL, I'd be willing 
to help. [1]

Or maybe it's just that the webserver is very slow?! This doesn't seem 
to be true for the rest of python.org in any case.

-- Gerhard

[1] It would be an excellent test case for the busy callback handlers I 
added to PySQLite recently. Though I still wouldn't recommend PySQLite 
for a hopefully busy web application, like this one ...