[Catalog-sig] PEP 314: latest draft

Kevin Turner acapnotic@twistedmatrix.com
29 Apr 2003 17:14:05 -0700

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On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 10:36, Andrew Kuchling wrote:
> An open issue: with the addition of Classifiers, should the=20
> Platforms and License fields be deprecated and/or removed? =20

Since License is not optional, it might be good to retain it explicitly
in the interface.  Otherwise you either end up distributing packages
without a stated license (which is bad), or you have to screen the list
of Classifiers for required elements.  The documentation for Classifiers
becomes more complicated as well, "multiple use but must include at
least one of ..."

You could recommend that the value used for the License field be the
final part of a 'License ::' classifier, for easy mapping between the

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