[Catalog-sig] names vs. releases

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at alum.mit.edu
Wed Aug 27 00:30:19 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 19:36, Richard Jones wrote:
> This is what the "hide" flag on the releases is for (see the "tip of the week" 
> on the front page that's been active for the last couple of months :)

It's never been obvious to me why I would want to login.  What advantage
does it have for the user?  

The tip of the week (I usually ignore tips :-) talks about packages "you
submitted."  Does it apply to all packages or just the ones I own?

> > How hard would it be to collapse the nine ZODB entries into a two
> > packages, one with eight releases and the other with one?
> What criteria is used to determine which bucket the releases fall into? 
> Currently ZODB has these releases:
> ZODB3 3.1.2
> ZODB3 3.1.2b1
> ZODB3 3.1.2b2
> ZODB3 3.1.3
> ZODB3 3.2a0
> ZODB3 3.2b1
> ZODB3 3.2b2
> ZODB3 3.3a1
> So from my guessing, there's a stable release (3.1.3) and two development 
> releases (3.2b2 and 3.3a1) currently active.

When I was talking about two buckets, I meant for ZODB3 and ZODB4. 
We've got different names for the two different major releases.  I'd be
happy if we only got one current release for each name.

> I *think* you're advocating not to show any version information at the front 
> page, and to suck up the information from the "most recent release"? PyPI 
> uses distutils' version number sorting code, but do you want to see the 
> package with the highest version number, or the one that was updated most 
> recently? Modifying the interface to do this would be a bit of work, and 
> assuming we have a consensus on "most recent release" then I'd be happy to 
> accept a patch (project members welcome :)

Yes.  I'm thinking that the ZODB3 package should be listed with the
update time and description from the most recent package.  Since it's
just a summary page, it doesn't matter much to me if it's the most
recent update or perhaps the most recent non-alpha/beta release.

Thinking out loud: Then the link from "ZODB3" wouldn't go to a specific
release page like it does now.  It would go to a page that listed all of
the releases.  Or it could list the most recent release with links to
earlier releases on that page.


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