[Catalog-sig] where are the Trove classifiers?

Jeremy Hylton jeremy@alum.mit.edu
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 13:58:25 -0500

I just skimmed the PEP and thought it would be good to make a habit of
adding classifiers to my setup scripts when possible.  I don't know
what the classifiers are and the PEP doesn't help me find out what
they are.  It's nice to see progress on this front!

The PEP says:

    The list of classifiers will be available through the web,

I think the PEP should say exactly how it will be available.

It also says:

    The list of classification values on the module index has been
    merged from FreshMeat and SourceForge (with their permission).

This suggests that the list of classifiers already exists, in which
case it seems straightforward to include it in the PEP or in another
PEP titled: Classifiers for Package Index and Metadata for Distutils.

It seems like the PEP is trying to avoid commiting to exactly what the
classifiers are, but I don't think I understand why.  If I'm going to
write a setup script, I'd like to find a list of the classifiers with
a brief explanation of what they are.  In all likelihood, I'll add
them to my setup and never change it again.  Maybe at the next major
release of the package, I'd consult the list of classifiers again.

Perhaps the notion is that particular servers will only accept
particular classifiers, but that doesn't seem practical.  I'd like to
be able to register my package with whatever servers people decide to
use, but I don't want to change the classifiers for a particular
server.  I'd rather the server do what it can with what I provide it
and ignore the rest.

At any rate: Is there a list of valid classifiers?