[Catalog-sig] FWD: Re: PyPI, Python Package Index is Great. Please make it easier to find!

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Wed Nov 19 20:12:02 EST 2003

[Yeah, this is old.  Sue me.]

This person wanted some text to explain the difference between the
Vaults of Parnassus and PyPI, so I asked him to write some.  Could
someone approve or edit this?  If any of you have access to python.org,
go ahead and make the modification directly; otherwise, send the
completed draft back to webmaster at python.org (I've already set Reply-To
for this message).

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> Subject: Re: PyPI, Python Package Index is Great. Please make it easier to find!
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>>> It'd be a big help if you wrote some draft text.
> OK , I won't pass up a chance to help the "Python Cause".  My reason
> for making the suggestion was that I was not sure what the differences
> were myself but, I will take a stab at it anyway. I trust you will
> check my draft for factual correctness with the people who REALLY
> know.
> Q: How does the Python Package Index differ from the Vaults of
> Parnassus web site?
> A: The Python Package Index only contains Python software that
> meets the requirements of and has been prepared in accordance with
> procedures described in the Python manual: "Distributing Python
> Modules" and which may, therefor, be installed as described in the
> Python manual: "Installing Python Modules". The Vaults of Parnassus
> web site, on the other hand is less restrictive and may contain
> references to Python software in the form of individual .py files or
> zipped collections of files as well as "real" Python modules.
> I hope this helps.
> ...Bob

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