[Catalog-sig] Re: [chiPy] Meeting followup- CPAN for Python?

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Wed Dec 15 21:35:40 CET 2004

A.M. Kuchling wrote:
>>Is an RDF parser very complicated?  It's mostly just XML with namespaces 
>>isn't it?  Do the standard library's XML parsers handle namespaces well?
> Usually RDF parsers end up providing some sort of graph API as well.
> It may not matter much if we only generate DOAP in the stdlib and
> never need to read it; minidom or even 'print >>' can do the job well
> enough.

That would only matter if we wanted to provide, say, a dependency graph, 
right?  For a single package there's no resolvable relations (until it 
is entered into PyPI, or if we had a package database).  And even then, 
the graph API will be the same algorithms we'd need anyway.

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