[Catalog-sig] PostgreSQL installed

A.M. Kuchling amk at amk.ca
Fri Jun 18 09:47:35 EDT 2004

I've finished installing PostgreSQL 7.4.3 and the Psycopg DB adapter
on python.org.  

It's configured to only support Unix domain sockets, not TCP/IP, so 
databases can only be accessed from creosote.  

Original source code is in ~amk/source/ext ; if we come up with a
standard place to keep source code, I'll move it.  

The binaries, libraries, and data are in /usr/local/pgsql743/ ; 
you may want to add /usr/local/pgsql743/bin to your path.

A cron job will make a nightly backup to /usr/local/pgsql743/dump/backup .

Currently I'm the only user with the ability to create new users and
databases.  Ask me to create a PostgreSQL user for you; let me know if
you want the right to create new databases and/or new DB users.  Since
everyone with login access to creosote is trusted, I'll give these
rights to anyone who asks.  

Richard, I've already created a user for you and a database named
"pypi"; you should be able to run "psql pypi" and then type SQL
queries.  Let me know if there's a problem.


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