[Catalog-sig] PyPI renaming options

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Apr 4 07:49:46 CEST 2005

Richard Jones wrote:
> - - Shrubbery
> - - MOPP (Ministry of Python Packages)
> - - Vault

"Shrubbery" doesn't mean anything to me, and I'd have a hard time using 
it in a sentence.  "You can find that in the Shrubbery."  I guess I 
could say "Python Shrubbery", but that hardly sounds like a *place*.  So 
I don't see a whole lot going for that one.

Vault sounds like a place, but isn't distinctive enough alone -- I'd 
have to call it the "Python Vault".  vault.python.org indicates this as 
well, of course.  This is a fine, straight-forward term, which makes its 
intent quite clear.

But I do like MOPP, which is somewhere in between the two.  It's a 
distinctive term -- the only Google results for "mopp" are medical, 
which we'd quickly outrank.  Though I don't know exactly how I'd use it 
in a sentence.  "You can find that in the MOPP"?  That doesn't sound 
quite right to me... but maybe it just takes time to become familiar.  I 
can almost imagine using "Ministry" more often, like "I notice you 
haven't submitted your package to the Ministry, tsk tsk".

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