[Catalog-sig] Perhaps "PyPI" will do

Brant Harris deadwisdom at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 06:01:19 CEST 2005

I think I have to raise objection.  'PyPI' might 'do', but we have a
chance to create something that will capture imaginations.  As much as
I hate to admit it, it's the name and personality that will incite
discourse and raise interest, only after that will its functionality

rant = """\
This gets at the heart of my criticism for Python.  It's not the
language itself, no we all know Python is glorious.  It is the
marketing.  Right now Python is that really great Burrito joint down
the street that no one goes to because of its dingy facade.  Instead
people go to Chipotle, which in this metaphor is probably Java. 
People try Chipotle because of its sexy and clean appearance.  Now if
people tried Taco and Burrito Palace #2, they would love it even more.
 But alas, all the managers that pick Burritos are afraid.

To me this is the state of Python.  People don't understand its full
potential, because they check out the dingy website (even Ruby has a
nicer site), and they hear the names, and they get an image in their
minds that is completely counter to what Python really is.

Now I know I am talking about superficialities here, and as a geek I
understand it's completely against the geek code, but I believe it to
be an important reality of our time.

On Apr 6, 2005 10:11 PM, Richard Jones <richardjones at optushome.com.au> wrote:
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> After polling around for ideas, and looking at the various alternatives,
> nothing really grabs me. "PyPI" captures the nature of the beast we've
> created well-enough. It's not too silly. It's short. It's in place. I think
> I've decided that it'll do.
> It really is only *potentially* confusing when you're in the same room as the
> PyPy people.
>     Richard
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