[Catalog-sig] Perhaps "PyPI" will do

David Ascher david.ascher at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 02:13:50 CEST 2005

> > I find the discussion depressing in many ways.
> Did i miss some of the discussion?  At least on catalog-sig
> and in the blogs it was going quite ok in my opionion.
> But maybe we had different expectations :-)

I'm probably just being cranky for lack of sleep.  Just ignore me =).

my 2c: silly names are ok as long as they don't appear puerile (I
fought hard against naming a graphics library "PIDDLE", even though I
came across as a curmudgeon).  I think the idea of joking around with
religious terms like ministry is a bad idea, because we're not as
funny as John Cleese & friends.  Names should be pronouncable without
needing to be taught how to pronounce them.  Acronyms aren't required.

Mostly, though, what matters more than names is what the software
does, that the community rallies around it, and that it's useful to
users.  The vaults of parnassus got the success it had just because it
was useful.  The name was, if anything, IMO, a flaw, but it doesn't
really matter so much in a community like ours.

I guess I was depressed because I was excited to see energy going into
PyPI, and was worried that that energy was being dissipated into
naming discussions, which are most definitely exothermic.


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